You have found your way to accessing any Outlook Web Access site from any email client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, …) and from any operating system (Windows, Linux, …) This general solution is FreePOPs and the new OWA plugin for it.

Since the plugin is new, it may not work for your site, so it’s not exactly true that works for “any” OWA site, but it’s potentially true and this is something that depends also on YOU. OWA sites are very different around the world so in order to make it work for any site I need sufficient test cases something that it’s not easy to achieve, OWA sites are not open to new subscriptions usually. This is where you, the user can help. Helping me to fix it for your site you ll get what you need and others will benefit also. So if it’s not working for your webmail, go to support and let me know. Cheers


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